Daily Fiction - Normann Copenhagen

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Normann Copenhagen and design agency Femmes Régionales teamed up to create a new collection of small day-to-day pieces that can be put together in countless ways to create your own stories.

With more than 200 exquisite small designs for day-to-day use such as notebooks, gift wrapping, stickers, pencil sharpeners, scissors, various writing implements and much, much more, the Daily Fiction Collection, developed in collaboration with the renowned design agency Femmes Regionales, will light up your everyday life.

Daily Fiction, developed in collaboration with the renowned design agency Femmes Regionales, is like a candy shop for grownups. Powder blue shelves are filled with an enticing assortment of colors, patterns and materials that encourage creativity, play and creating the daily story that suits your personality. 

The Daily Fiction products are also available at espoo. and La Fabrika.

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