Cadovius Butterfly Shelf Walnut Fritter

Cadovius Butterfly Shelf®


Design by Poul Cadovius, 1958

2015 brings good news to the many global admirers of design legend Poul Cadovius. The decorative multi-purpose CADOVIUS BUTTERFLY SHELF®, designed in 1958, is brought back to life by dk3.

A classic shelf. A subtle bookcase. A convenient storage for your everyday accessories or an aesthetic face-lift of the living room wall. The choice is yours.

CADOVIUS BUTTERFLY SHELF® is a perfectly executed shelf with a playful contrast between the lightness of the butterfly shape and the solid wooden material. This adds to a clean look with just one single detail: a laser-cut brand name on the "wing" as a testament to the authenticity of the one-and- only CADOVIUS BUTTERFLY SHELF® Poul Cadovius 1958 by dk3.

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